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Now you can get a residence permit for newborns in UAE for Dhs 350

Residents of the UAE can obtain a residence permit for newborns inside the UAE under the sponsorship of a resident working for the private sector or a free zone, according to three requirements and Dhs350 as fees, according to the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP), noting that this can be done through its smart channels.
ICP explained that through the permit, a residence permit can be obtained for newborns within the UAE under the sponsorship of a resident working for the private sector or for a free zone.
The authority also indicated that the service can be obtained through the its website “”, or through its smart application (UAEICP) after logging in with the digital ID or username, searching for the service, filling in data, and paying the fees. This can also be done by through visiting the customer happiness centres or typing offices approved by the ICP.
To obtain the service, ICP said that the passport must be valid for more than one month, and the procedures must be completed before 120 days since the newborn’s presence in the UAE, as fines would be considered after 120 days.
Documents required to obtain the permit include the UAE ID, the original passport of the sponsored person, provided that it is valid for not less than 6 months, a salary certificate, a copy of the sponsor’s passport, a colored personal photo, a birth certificate, a copy of the father’s and mother’s Emirates IDs, an employment contract, a rental contract, a copy of health insurance, and a copy of the mother’s passport.
The permit is issued for Dhs350, including Dhs100 as application fees, Dhs100 as issuance fees, Dhs100 as smart services fees and Dhs50 as fees for electronic services and the ICP.
ICP affirmed that the application is rejected electronically after 30 days, due to deficiencies in the data or failure to complete the required documents. It is totally rejected in case it is returned 3 times, and only the issuance fees and financial guarantees, if any, are refunded.
Fees are refunded via credit card within a period not exceeding six months from the date of submitting the application, or by cheque or bank transfer to banks located within the UAE and within a period not exceeding five years, ICP explained.


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