Dhs1,000 fine for throwing trash from vehicle in Abu Dhabi


Sheikha Al Naqbi, Staff Reporter
Abu Dhabi Police called on motorists to ensure no waste is thrown from their vehicles while driving on the road to avoid a fine of Dhs1,000 and six black points, according to Article 71 of the Traffic Law. They urged the public, particularly motorists and road users, to be aware of the importance of preserving the bright appearance of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
“Throwing waste from vehicles is a disgraceful behaviour and is against all public morals. As protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, there will be no laxity in enforcing the law and violating those who throw waste from vehicles,” said Captain Eng. Murshid Al Murar.
Abu Dhabi Police explained that through its competent authorities, the Abu Dhabi Government is continuing to spread greenery and decorate streets in accordance with the best international standards for the emirate to look attractive to citizens, residents and visitors.
They are fully committed to providing their services in a safe and environmentally responsible manner and ensuring that their staff, customers, partners, customers and members of the society are safe and healthy as per Abu Dhabi Government’s strategy.
Through their general policy on environment, health and occupational safety, Abu Dhabi Police stressed the need to reduce negative impacts on the environment within the scope of their operations with a view to being a pioneer in the best sustainable environmental practices and carrying out all its operations responsibly in line with their vision.


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