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Dubai launches campaign to distribute free water and ice cream to 1 million workers

In an invaluable support from the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI), the Ferjan Dubai in collaboration with Suqia UAE and UAE Food Bank has launched the incredible humanitarian community campaign named “Freej Fridge”. This amazing initiative is all about distributing cold water, juices and ice cream to help workers beat the summer heat and promote the values of compassion and giving in Dubai’s community.
The campaign, which will run until August 23, aims to benefit one million workers in Dubai, including cleaners, construction workers, delivery drivers and street and road maintenance workers, during the summer period.
Dr. Abdulkareem Sultan Al Olama, Executive Director of MBRGI, stated that the campaign reflects the values of giving and compassion inherent in Dubai society. He further stressed its importance in motivating people to support noble initiatives to support workers while they are outdoors throughout the year, especially during the summer.
He added: “The MBRGI’s support to the campaign comes in the context of our commitment to support humanitarian works and voluntary community initiatives. This translates the values, which we share with Ferjan Dubai Foundation and all partners and contributors to confirm that Dubai and the UAE community is strong in its ability to do good and give. We are excited to offer the world a model to follow in terms of cohesion, solidarity and caring for all its members.”
Dr. Al Olama also expressed his immense gratitude to Ferjan Dubai for its truly remarkable and impactful role and contributions to supporting all segments of society, and its inspiring initiatives to support workers in the field.
The distribution of water, cold juices and ice cream to workers during the summer is a clear reflection of the high sense of responsibility shown by the partners of this humanitarian community campaign and the volunteers who play a vital role in the success of all quality initiatives. This is in line with the family spirit that characterises Dubai’s society, as Alia Al Shamlan, Director of Ferjan Dubai, stated.
“Together with our partners, we will reach one million workers at their workplaces and make a positive impact on their hearts. Despite the challenging climatic conditions, they remain an effective element in Dubai’s prosperity and well-being,” she added.
As part of the campaign, Ferjan Dubai is using refrigerated vehicles to distribute water, cold drinks and ice cream to workers and delivery drivers. This is to encourage community members to help mitigate the health risks associated with high temperatures, such as dehydration and heat stress. This will help keep workers healthy.


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