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Dubai Police bring Eid cheer to female inmates’ children

For the tenth consecutive year, the Child and Woman Protection Department of Dubai Police’s General Department of Human Rights, in collaboration with the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Institutions, launched the “You Made Me Happy” initiative, distributing Eid clothing to bring joy to the hearts of female inmates and their children.

Colonel Jamila Al Zaabi, Director of the Women’s Prison, Lieutenant Colonel Dr Ali Muhmmad Al Matroushi, Director of the Child and Woman Protection Department, and several officers and personnel from both sides attended the launch.

Al Zaabi said that the initiative aims to bring happiness to the children of female inmates as part of Dubai Police’s humanitarian initiatives.

“It reflects our commitment to social responsibility and keenness to promote values of tolerance and love by bringing joy to children during Eid through clothing distribution,” she said.

Al Zaabi explained that the prison administration provides a positive and comfortable environment for the children of female inmates, ensuring they have access to suitable food and drink, regular medical check-ups, and essential reading and writing education.

She added that the administration is keen to share joys and various occasions with them, launching several initiatives to bring happiness to the hearts of mothers and children.

Al Zaabi emphasised that the spirit of the law prevails in the prison, and it is the cornerstone of dealing with female inmates and their children. “The prevailing atmosphere is primarily familial and fraternal,” she noted.


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