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Indian electrician becomes National Bonds’ new millionaire

In a story that will inspire residents across the UAE, a blue-collar worker has defied the odds to become a National Bonds millionaire. Nagendram Borugadda, a 46-year-old Indian electrician from Gollapalli village in Andhra Pradesh, made a fortune through National Bonds, winning the grand prize of Dh1 million in the latest draw, the miracle which changed his life.
Borugadda arrived in the UAE in 2017 with his 18-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son. Since 2019, he began saving regularly in National Bonds, where he contributed Dhs100 monthly via direct debit.
Borugadda’s story highlights the importance of starting saving with small steps, to achieve long-term goals, by taking advantage of every means available.
He proved that savings tools offer opportunities for big gains, with which residents across the country can build their financial futures.
Borugadda expressed mixed feelings of disbelief and joy, saying: “I came to the UAE with the goal of building a better life for my family and providing a good education for my children. National Bonds has given me the opportunity to secure my children’s future, fulfill the dreams I have always had, and educate them.”
This win serves as a powerful reminder that financial security is attainable for everyone, regardless of income level. By prioritising saving, even in small amounts, and exploring saving tools that offer opportunities to win big, residents across the UAE can take control of their financial future.
Besides Burugada, the Emirati Abdullah Ali also won the grand prize of Dhs1 million in April 2024.


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