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Jordanian paramedic dies after helping people stuck in amusement park ride

A Jordanian paramedic, Mohammed Majid Al Fawares Al Bashtawi, succumbed to his injuries after he had helped rescue people stuck in an amusement park ride.
The death news of the young paramedic was announced after the live morning programme on the Jordanian Public Security Radio announced on Sunday.
The paramedic struggled for his life for about two weeks after he and other civil defence members had dealt with the malfunction of an air ride in an amusement park in Ar-Ruseifeh in the northern Zarqa Governorate.

Sympathizing with the deceased paramedic, people said on social media that he sacrificed his life to save others.

Al Bashtawi’s relatives and friends recalled his going out on the second day of last Eid Al Adha to answer the call of his humanitarian duty after receiving a report of the incident to free those stranded in the air after the game had crashed.

They pointed out that Al Bashtawi was keen on helping others and taking part in humanitarian initiatives and was very empathetic toward with animals.

A short video clip showed breathtaking moments after gamers got stuck inside while dedicated teams rushed to save them.

The Public Security Directorate confirmed at the time that a paramedic was injured and hospitalized after helping evacuate all the people trapped in the game without injuries. An investigation into the incident was immediately initiated.


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