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Pakistan’s tallest man Zia Rasheed passes away at 30

Zia Rasheed — renowned as Pakistan’s tallest man standing at an impressive 8 feet (244 cm) — passed away on Tuesday in his hometown Vehari District of Punjab province after a prolonged battle with illness. He was 30.
Zia, who became a national figure due to his extraordinary height, attracted significant attention and admiration from people across the country.
His funeral prayer was attended by a large number of people, including notable social and political figures from the region, reflecting the deep impact he had on those who knew him and even those who did not.
Born into a modest family, Zia’s childhood was marked by rapid growth that set him apart from his peers. From a young age, it was evident that he was destined to stand out, not just physically but also in terms of the challenges he would face.
Zia’s journey into the public eye began when he reached the remarkable height of 8 feet at the age of 15. However, his towering stature also brought with it a host of health issues. He suffered from a leg-related illness that caused him considerable discomfort and pain for much of his life.
Unfortunately, Zia never received the proper medical treatment he needed. Despite his condition, he remained in Pakistan, unable to secure the resources necessary to seek better medical facilities abroad.
The situation was further exacerbated when Zia fell down a flight of stairs, an incident that significantly worsened his health condition. In his final years, Zia continued to battle his illness. Despite his condition, he tried to stay active and even took up taekwondo to maintain his fitness and self-defense skills. His determination to lead an active life despite his health challenges is truly inspiring.
 Zia had a normal childhood until he experienced a significant growth spurt at the age of 12, which was later attributed to a malfunctioning pituitary gland.
This glandular issue caused an overproduction of growth hormone, leading to his extraordinary height. Despite the challenges posed by his condition, Zia’s story is one of resilience and the struggle against overwhelming odds.
Throughout his life, Zia appealed to the government for financial assistance. He hoped for support that would allow him to live a better life and receive the necessary medical care. Unfortunately, his calls largely went unanswered, reflecting a broader issue of inadequate support for individuals with unique needs.
NNI News Service


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