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Sheikh Sultan allots 446 extra seats for Sharjah nurseries to accommodate children

His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah has announced that all newly enrolled children in Sharjah nurseries will be assigned seats.
Sheikh Sultan indicated that 446 extra seats would be made available for the present month of July and the following month of August, in addition to the 1,335 seats that are now available, giving seats for all 1,781 enrolled youngsters.
Sheikh Sultan stated, “The registration for government nurseries in Sharjah has closed, with 1,781 children registered,” during a phone call with Mohammed Hassan Khalaf, Director General of the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority, on the “Direct Line” programme on Sharjah Radio and TV. We now have 1,335 available places, some in newly built nurseries and some in older nurseries, for children who have grown up and are transitioning to kindergarten. As a result, we require an extra 446 seats, which we will provide this month and next, God willing, by creating new nurseries.”
Sheikh Sultan said, “Nurseries are not simply about keeping children safe; children in Sharjah nurseries receive a highly elaborate curriculum from the minute they arrive. We did not develop this curriculum alone; we collaborated with peers from Europe. The role of caring for and educating children in these nurseries is not haphazard; it is a precise, scientific, and educational endeavour. The child who graduates from these nurseries has a strong personality, confidence, and the capacity to talk freely and clearly. As a result, everyone wants to enrol their children in these nurseries.
Sheikh Sultan finished by noting, “These nurseries are critical in creating the groundwork for children from an early age. We care about our children and don’t want them to grow up at home without obtaining an education, especially if their parents are working. Therefore, we are building more nurseries and guaranteeing seats to all parents who have enrolled their children in Sharjah nurseries.”


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